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All our pieces start from XS to XXL. We use universal measurements when designing our pieces so each style will vary in size slightly.

Unsure on which SBA bikini will suit your body type best? We have a blog post on our sizing and styling recommendations for you!

For a visual size guide, see below photos of our gorgeous models and attached is their bust and dress size as well as their SBA bikini size.


Shan Top + Leila Pant


Helly Top + Iza Pant


Shan Top + Zoë Pant


Model is a 38C bust and UK 22 bottom, she wears L in the Nita and XXL in the Leila.

Model is a 30A bust and UK 10 bottom, she wears XS in the Helly and S in the Iza.

Model is a 36G bust and UK 16 bottom, she wears XXL in the Angel and XL in the Zoë.

Nita Top + Iza Pant

Nita + Iza Front.JPG

Nita Top + Michaela Pant

Nita + Michaela Side.JPG

Helly Top + Iza Pant

Helly + Leila Front.JPG

Model is a 32C bust and UK 6 bottom, she wears S in the Nita and XS in the Iza.

Model is a 30E bust and UK 8 bottom, she wears M in the Nita and S in the Michaela.

Model is a 32D bust and UK 10 bottom, she wears M in the Helly and S in the Iza.

For our International size guide, please see our conversion table below.
If you are still unsure, please drop us a message or email us and we will be happy to assist you!

SBA Size Guide.png
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