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Swim by Alba was founded by fashion stylist Albana Janjeva in early 2018. The philosophy behind the brand was to create contemporary, minimal and luxurious swimwear that celebrates the female figure.

The idea of empowering womxn and giving them body confidence irrespective of their shape or size is at the heart of the brand. The brand targets the confident, trendy personality who possesses a bohemian charm and enjoys vacationing to beautiful destinations.

With a strong passion for the fashion industry, Albana’s experiences of working as a Fashion Stylist for over 7 years was the foundation for new career as a creative director for her own brand.

At a time where successful businesswomen are redefining feminism, it was important for Albana to create a brand that is dedicated to women being unapologetically fierce.

Albana designs in the London studio, taking inspiration from her friends and family who are of different shapes, sizes and each have their own individual style.

Bekki in Horizon Blue

Swim by Alba is the perfect combination of exquisitely cut swimwear that is universally flattering, oozes vibrant femininity and is aesthetically incomparable to others. 

Kiki in Mulberry

Each piece is named after someone in her life and her aim is to have a catalogue of styles that complement the figure of a variety of womxn from all over the world.


The brand has a very small team {of women}, whilst also working with freelancers and supporting the craft of women in design. The development of each garment is a meticulous process; after numerous samples have been made and the final pattern is approved, they are sent to our freelance Pattern Grader, Amelia who grades each pattern ranging from XXS-XXL. Once these are sent back to us, we host fit tests on a variety of sizes and sample the pieces.

We can assure you that nothing goes into production until it is perfect!

Swim by Alba sources materials from all over the world, we use premium lycra from South America, additionally our hardware is designed in-house and made using the finest metals suitable for wear in Europe.

Once the collection has been finalised, an order goes out and everything is sent to our factory in Indonesia who begin the cut, make, trim process.

Our production is supportive of small business owners and we maintain the highest standards throughout the whole process from design, development, manufacturing and even shipping!

You can connect with us on Instagram where we often post sneak peeks and previews of the design process.