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Finding the right bikini can be tricky, as it's not always easy to find something you feel confident and secure in That's why so many of us are willing to pay more for something that looks and feels perfect on. At Swim by Alba, we pride ourselves in creating luxurious swimwear; timeless styles in innovative materials. Our bikinis are an investment and when cared for properly, they will last you many years and fabulous trips away!

Below we have shared our do's and don'ts for caring for your swimwear and also included some environmentally-conscious tips, follow these care instructions to ensure your SBA bikini lasts a lifetime!


  • Hand wash only in the shower and rinse in cool water

  • Once rinsed, lay flat in the shade to dry

  • Top tip: Apply sunscreen and let it dry before putting on your bikini to avoid any stains!


  • Do not wring

  • Do not dry clean or tumble dry

  • Do not wash in hot water, iron or leave in the sun

Hand wash your bikini

The best way to clean your bikinis are by hand-washing them under cool running water. We take ours with us into the shower after a day at the pool or beach. Rinse it under the shower head and make sure not to wring the bikini as this could damage the fabric or shape.


Let your bikini air-dry

The easiest and most environmentally friendly way to dry your bikini is by simply leaving it out to air-dry! The best way to do this is to lay them flat on a soft, clean surface. Make sure that your swimwear is not drying in direct sunlight as this could cause the fabric to fade and lose its elasticity.


Wash it with all-natural detergent

You may stain your swimwear with tanning oil or sunscreen marks, the trick is to apply this on your body and let it dry before you get into your swimwear. If you do still find have stains or your bikinis need some TCL, use an all-natural, non-toxic detergent such as The Lab Co. Sports Wash.

How to store your bikinis

Always keep your swimwear in a seperate bag to all your other clothes. Our ziplock bags come in handy for this exact reason and if you keep your sets in these waterproof bags it will keep your swimwear fresh and protected from dust or the occasional moth.


Please consider all of these recommendations to ensure your Swim by Alba bikini maintains its quality, shape + longevity.

Love SBA x

Watch our 'how to' video below and see how quick and easy it is to wash your swimwear with The Lab Co products.

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