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Working from home… it used to be an exciting, rare occasion and now the whole world seems to be doing it. Making the transition from working in an office to the comfort of your own home is a tricky one. 

We have shared our tips for how to nail this whole 'working from home' situation like a total pro!

Have a designated desk space

You cannot work from your bed (unfortunately), so find yourself a comfortable spot to work at, preferably not your favourite place in your home. It will get you out of bed and get you into work mode. Tidy up your desk space on the weekend so you can mentally clock out and enjoy your days off without being reminded of work. 

Dress up for yourself

Change out of your pyjamas as soon as you are out of bed, wear something, anything other than that! We have been living in colourful tracksuits throughout lockdown, keeping it cosy and cute!

Start your day properly

Break down your priorities for each day, write up a to do list and structure your day. Try to have a routine.

Look after your body 

Make sure you are getting all of your vitamins, eating healthy fresh food, your body needs nutrients! Exercise and stay active, there are so many live work-out plans available online (we will be doing a post on this soon). Take time out to go for a walk, or why not try the run 5k, donate 5k, nominate 5k challenge?!

Don’t forget to take your regular breaks

When working from home we tend to over work, forgetting to take our breaks and often find ourselves stuck at our ‘desk’ way past working hours. Make some positive changes, seeing as we no longer have to commute to and from work, use this extra time for you! Read a book, listen to a podcast or make a delicious meal.

Take time to catch up with your friends

Check in with your friends  - especially if they too are freelancers/small business owners. A FaceTime call with your bestie, weekly quiz night with your family (we’ve been using inquisition). Once every fortnight plan a FT call with a group of friends, catch up on everything you’ve missed.

The weeks are going by so quickly, we can’t believe it’s been 7 weeks since the UK went into Lockdown. We just have to stay positive, stay at home and stay safe. 

Love SBA x


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