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A foreword from our founder:

People are always so surprised when they hear how much I know about football, it always comes as such a shock! My family are very into sport, with my brother playing for Watford U18s and the Kosovo national team, I grew up understanding the off-side rule from early on. Working as a Private Client Stylist with footballer clients has meant that over the years I have met many players, agents and managers... but not many females in the industry!

I feel very fortunate to have such a diverse group of friends from many backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities who are all so passionate about so many different things! Michaela is my Sporty Spice, an ex-Fulham player turned agent, I can't wait to see what a positive affect she has on the younger, female generation of sports players.

'My goal is to help the next generation of women break into the football agent industry'

Growing up my first passion, besides playing out, was always football. Playing in the local pen with the boys became part of my daily routine. A routine that helped shape who I am today!

I joined Fulham centre of Excellence at the tender age of 9 where I became the youngest player to play for the U13’s. I remained in the club for the next 11 years and eventually made my way to the first team. My time spent at the club was unforgettable! I was surrounded by determined, focused, athletic driven young women on a mission to be the best which has helped crafted many skills and qualities I have today.

My earliest dream growing up was to always play football in America. Year after year I would tell my parents that after Fulham I’m going to America and that’s exactly what I did. With the help and support of my family I was able to get a full scholarship to study and play football in America in two different states - North Carolina (Louisburg college) and Tennessee (UTM). On my return back after 4 years I decided to go back to where It all began and see out the rest of my career at Fulham ladies.

For me, seeing young girls committed to a sport always puts a smile on my face. The importance for woman playing sport isn’t just about staying fit and changing the stigma around women in sport, It’s about finding confidence to excel and love the body you have been blessed with.

With that being said, for now I've chosen to offer my experience as an ex pro to help represent young talented players who are entering their professional careers as an Agent. 

Michaela also has an interview with media platform Penalty which you can read here!


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