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Fuchsia Kiss made it to DailyMail! This April we had a lovely surprise when we found ourselves featured in the DailyMail with photos of Louisa Johnson wearing our pieces.

Louisa Johnson celebrated the start of 2020 on a Caribbean getaway and wore a the Helly + Iza set in our upcoming Tweed collection. Her Instagram post including a series of candid shots in which she explains she often gets bloated due to her gluten intolerancy and the path to self-acceptance.

Louisa's caption read:

'Hiiiii I promised myself I would be more myself this year, to you! So here's me bloated af after ignoring the fact I should not eat wheat and gluten but not giving the slightest s**t that this is my body sometimes bc I am a human and I LOVE myself.'

We are so happy to see her promoting self-love, body positivity and confidence as this is how we want all of our girls to be.

Swim by Alba is here to empower women of all body shapes, sizes and disabilities. We are all beautiful and once you put on a SBA bikini you become a part of our Self Love Club. ♥

Our Tweed collection is dropping very soon, so why don't you sign up to our mailing list so you can get first access on the drop when it launches! P.S. add your birthday for a lovely SBA treat on your special day!

Love, SBA x


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