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Sometimes we find ourselves so busy working away at our desks that we forget the most simple things, from eating well to drinking enough water. One of my close friends, Anda struggles with drinking enough water, she finds herself in back-to-back calls all day long. One day she asked "is there an app that claps every time you drink water? I think that would encourage me!" "well no, but maybe I could text you every so often to remind you?" I promised.

The recommended daily amount of water is around 2 litres of water daily, I personally drink between 2 to 3 litres. Although non-alcoholic fluids (such as tea, coffee and fruit juice) count towards your fluid intake, we suggest you try to get into the mindset that drinking water on its own has great health benefits for you! It has become a natural habit to start my day drinking from my 500ml bottle before my morning coffee. Once you get into a routine it becomes part of your every day, without even realising!

How to drink more water:

- Drink water before you sleep each night and when you first wake up

- Use a reusable water bottle (we love Chillys!)

- Set reminders on your phone, have a glass every hour

- You could replace other drinks with water

- Try to drink a glass before every meal

Flavour your water to make it tastier:

- Add some slices of lemon + a handful of blueberries

- Slices of cucumber mixed with mint leaves

- A few fresh rosemary leaves and chunks of ginger

- Buy yourself a glass carafe or jug, fill it up and enjoy!

We love these by Ikea:

Let's stay hydrated, especially with the warmer days coming ahead.

Love, SBA x


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