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When the Notre Dame Cathedral was on fire earlier in the year, there was a worldwide outcry, with some of the richest people in the world rushing to donate hundreds of millions to rebuild it.

The Amazon Rainforest crisis had nowhere near as much media coverage. Why?

It all seemed a bit confusing… it was on fire and not many people really understood why, or we wanted to help but felt powerless. So many people became environmentalists overnight, reposting the same images or offering ideas on “how to save the Earths lungs” such as: reducing paper consumption or recycling, using metal straws, donating money to non-profit organizations or even adopting jungle animals. But would this really save the Amazon Rainforest?

Our diets are heavily weighted by animal products and food production is the leading cause of deforestation. 

So what can we really do to help?

Adjusting your diet is the single, biggest solution because less demand = less deforestation 

Before you wonder if this really will help, here are a few facts to read:

At Swim by Alba, we have decided to rethink some lifestyle choices and for the month of September we will be going plant-based and cut all meat and diary consumption. 

We hope you will join us on this journey too!

Below are a list of our favourite London restaurants that are vegan or offer vegan options:

Kalifornia Kitchen

Farm Girl



Redemption Bar

222 Veggie Vegan

Temple of Seitan

By Chloe


Earth Brgr

and our fave Vegan Instagram accounts:

Love, SBA x


Joseph Scott
Joseph Scott

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