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A word from our founder:

The vision for Swim by Alba began late 2017. In the past year we have been working extremely hard to create the most gorgeous pieces for you.

I’m sure you can all appreciate and understand just how much work goes into your Swim by Alba piece. Our design process is very meticulous and we would only ever want the ultimate best for our clients. Everything is designed at our London studio and we often spend weeks developing each sample until it’s perfect. Our fabric is insane, no really – trust us on this! The hardware used on certain styles has been made just for us. Each piece is made with so much love and care.

It hasn’t been an easy process; we can’t even begin to tell you what a crazy journey it’s been. Everything we thought would go wrong, went surprisingly well and everything that was meant to go smoothly, most definitely didn’t!

We’d like to think that during these past few months we have created a bit of ‘noise’. So many people have been messaging us and it’s been lovely to receive so much positive feedback from our followers; you have all been our motivation to keep going when everything felt like it was going against us. 

With that in mind we wanted to surprise our clients with a limited and exclusive drop before our main collection launches. 

To everyone who’s been so patient with us, this one’s for you!

2 ranges

9 colours

8 classic styles

1 of each size



Love, SBA x


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