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Still not sure if Swim by Alba is the right brand for you? Why not read some of our testimonials from our lovely clients! We believe word-of-mouth and honest reviews are a genuine way of building up clientele. If you still need some help, drop us a question in our Contact Us page, or tag a look at Sizing for assistance with our sizes and styles!


oh my god. THE COLOUR, THE MATERIAL, So so beaut, the quality and everything 😍😍😍😍😍 so in love with the colour never had a bikini in this colour
Parys, London

The quality is amazing omg! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Omg I'm in love with the green one! I could have that in every colour!!

Kyshia, Watford

Best bikini’s ever!!!! Nothing fits or feels better. And horizon blue is the most flattering tan colour xxx

Bekki, London

It's the most beautiful, most flattering bikini I have ever owned. I can't believe how good I look and it's actually the bikini, it's BEAUT

Eleanor, London

The quality of the fabric and make is amazing and it's genuinely become my fave swimsuit xx

Lea, London


I cannot believe how beautifully made it is! The fabric is ridiculous, it feels like silk on 😍

Holly, Leigh-on-Sea

It's made so nice and the packaging is everything I love it!

Sophia, Bournemouth

This is the most flattering on my skin tone and I lovvvvvveeee it!

Rachel, London

I've never seen such a perfect thought out item. Everything is so detailed and made to perfection!

Mariana, London

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